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Channeling Nice Grandfather Mayer Might


Mayer Might was born in Bavaria in 1848 and immigrated to america in 1869 when he was 21 years outdated. Bavaria had common navy conscription at age 21. I used to be born in 1948 and immigrated to Canada in 1967 to withstand the draft.

Over time, I’ve skilled intense fascination relating to sure matters. For instance, within the early eighties, I used to be intrigued by the story of Moses at Mount Sinai and was satisfied that the second set of stone tablets should not have contained the identical textual content as the primary as a result of there have been ample clues within the e-book of Exodus that they weren’t the identical.

I used to be very interested in the writings of Walter Benjamin, whose “Program for a Proletarian Kids’s Theater” was the main focus of the final chapter of my Grasp’s thesis. The final numbered paragraph of the choice “Imperial Panorama” in Benjamin’s One-Manner Avenue has change into my philosophical credo. It begins:

The earliest customs of peoples appear to ship us a warning that in accepting what we obtain so abundantly from nature we should always guard in opposition to a gesture of avarice. For we’re in a position to make Mom Earth no present of our personal.

Within the mid-Nineties I launched into a life-long investigation of working time and free time, which stays the central focus of my scholarly analysis. One investigation I did within the late Nineties I known as “Sabbath of the Land or Utopia of Work?” referring to the sabbatical and Jubilee provisions in Leviticus 25.

Whereas researching my nice grandfather’s life, I’ve discovered one essay that he wrote, “The Gamble Discovery,” printed in The Esoteric: A Journal of Superior and Sensible Esoteric Thought, by which he refutes the argument of Reverend S. W. Gamble of Kansas that the Jewish Sabbath, established within the Bible was not fastened on a Saturday. Following Might’s essay the editor provides additional remarks that contact on the Sabbatical yr and the Jubilee.

As I rummage by these relics from greater than a century in the past, I get a way of lots of my mental affinities had been transmitted to me as a household inheritance however solely acknowledged by me because the “resonance” of a selected concept or theme. 

I’ve had the title “Channeling Nice Grandfather Mayer Might” at hand since earlier than I posted my earlier installment on the “Legend of Rabbi Moses Might” however I’ve been procrastinating till tonight once I stumbled throughout the above article, “An Insulting Lawyer.”



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